About Jess
Jessica suik
Lash Educator & Founder

From the moment I graduated high school I knew I wanted to help people! I enrolled in University in Alberta, Canada to pursue a career as a nurse. A few months into juggling university and a part time job I felt overwhelmed and I decided I would quit my part time job as a server at a restaurant so I could dedicate more of my time to nursing school.

My goal was to get through University with no student loans or debt so I knew I needed to find another part time job ASAP. I’ve always loved beauty and makeup so I decided I would invest in myself and enrol myself in an Eyelash Extension course. Upon completing the course and receiving a certificate I knew this was something that I loved and wanted to pursue! I continued to earn more certifications in Eyelash Lift and Tint, Eyebrow Lamination and Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. Gaining so much knowledge and skill in beauty enhancement was so addicting for me!

Fast forward to today; I am now a nurse, and a certified beauty educator. I have personally lashed, brow laminated, lash lifted, dermaplaned and teeth whitened over 5000 clients over the years! I have also certified thousands of successful students under my business, J Lash Academy! I am so passionate about teaching my courses that I quit my job as a nurse to pursue my beauty business full time! I absolutely love sharing my skills and knowledge with my students as well as being able to inspire others with my passion in the industry!

When you book your Beauty Course through J Lash Academy I can promise you that your training is in the hands of someone whos business is licensed, insured and accredited. I have taken multiple beauty educational courses, as well as completed a diploma in beauty education and nursing! I am committed to helping you create and grow your own beauty empire! I look forward to teaching you and helping you succeed!


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How Jess consecutively makes $8000/ month working from home

I have always been fascinated with the beauty industry and helping women feel empowered! I was determined to somehow help women feel confident and beautiful.

Fast forward a few years and I am in my first year of nursing school. In order to support myself while I was in University I was working as a server every day immediately after school. This was extremely draining as the shifts would end at 2am just for me to repeat the same thing every single day.

After 4 months of balancing work and University I decided enough was enough, it was time to make a big change. That next change was for me to make an investment in myself to become a certified Lash Technician because who wouldn’t want the ability to choose their own hours, work from home, be their own boss and make over six figures year after year!

Within my first few weeks following the course I was able to recoup my investment and began making $2000 per month all while still attending full time University. My income began to skyrocket!

As of today I am a certified Lash Educator, as well as a nurse. I am incredibly proud to say that I am earning over $100,000 every year and have put my nursing career on pause due to the fact that I’m currently earning more with my lash business!